Our Story

Harbour Club opened its doors in 2001 under the ownership of brilliantly talented Mary Jo Tolar. She developed a warm and loving atmosphere where clients and staff alike could feel comfortable and cared for. In 2002 my best friend Amber Conaster introduced me to Mary Jo in hopes that I too could join the Harbour Club family. Soon after meeting, I became her apprentice. Under Mary Jo’s loving guidance, I was granted not only many professional skills, but also long lasting friendships.

Many years later, I was given the opportunity to come back home to the Harbour Club. The warmth and familiarity of the salon and spa space, as well as Lumina Station, has always been a reminder to me; a reminder that friendships and relationships are one of our most cherished gifts from God. Thankfully one of the most enjoyable ways to create relationships with others, for my staff and myself, is through our professions. We all take pride in our trades and it is important to each of us for you to feel like you are a part of our family and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of yours.



Jessica Corbett, Owner

In loving memory of Amber Conaster and Mary Jo Tolar.