Hair Loss: What is Normal and What is Not?


Do you ever think you are losing your hair?  I think as a woman one of my biggest fears is losing my hair.  But what is normal and when do I know that I need to do something?

We lose anywhere from 100 to 300 hairs a day.  As we shed these little hairs get tangled and connected to the hairs that we have not lost. When we remove our hair ties, brush or wash our hair suddenly we have a hand full of hair and we freak out!   Don’t worry this is normal and the longer the hair, and the less you shampoo, the more likely you will see large amounts of these little guys.

We also may see large changes in hair thickness during different stages of our lives.  Pregnancy, weight loss, stress medications or hormonal changes can also play a role in the density of our hair.

What to watch out for:  seeing more scalp than normal isn’t normal if none of the above is a factor.  Large spots void of any hair is also an issue.

For women there are several things that we can do to protect the health of our hair.

We style our hair more often than men and use many more hot tools.  Not to mention we pull our hair up in clips, color several times a year and are often trying lots of crazy hair care products because we love the way the smell!

All these processes take a toll on our scalps as well as our hair.

SO, what can you do? First, and most importantly, keep a routine with your stylist.  We will know when things are shifting and changing with your hair.  If you bounce around from person to person, it is difficult for us to pinpoint when something needs to be addressed.

Also, just because it smells good or it’s for color treated hair, does not mean that that shampoo is great for you.   I find that 90 percent of the time most of my client’s issues are due to using the wrong hair care.

A small investment of money on prescribed hair care from a professional stylist can save you hours of time styling, as well as address many health concerns with your hair.

We are not doctors, but we do know a thing or two about your hair so trust us and go all in, it will pay off in the end!

Do you have scalp issues or any of the hormonal changes that I have talked about in this blog?  Here is a list of some amazing products that I would recommend… But be sure to consult your “stylist” because they always know best!

Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash: Full of botanicals that are great for daily cleansing (for you over shampooers).

Kevin Murphy Stimulate Me Wash and Rinse: With Bergamot and black pepper to help energize the hair and scalp.

Kevin Murphy Thick Again: Ginger Root Nettle helps strengthen the hair at the root to prevent breakage and thicken the hair.






-Jessica Corbett

Salon Owner & Stylist