The Road to Healthy Hair

If you are on the road to healthy hair or trying to maintain your healthy hair, there are some steps that you should take in order to speed up the process. 

Step One: Take More Time Between Hair Coloring Appointments

We understand that seeing those pesky gray hairs or your natural color coming through can be upsetting. However, waiting at least 6 weeks for your next hair coloring appointment is ideal. If you can make it to 8, that is even better. Some easy and temporary solutions while your hair grows out would be to try a colored dry shampoo or even root touch-up markers that wash out after every shampoo. It might seem like an extra step, but your hair will thank you for it.


Step Two: Don’t Overdo It With Products

Sometimes, if your hair is limp, lifeless, and without volume, you probably have products readily available to fix that. You may think that layering on a ton of different products will help out your hair, when in fact you can’t be farther from the truth. The use of various chemicals and products make it worse for your hair to breathe and weighs down the hair even more.


Step Three: Washing your hair daily? Stop

Trying to keep your scalp and hair clean means washing it, so to make sure that there is no oil-build up and it is kept looking “fresh” you may wash it every day. That is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. Why? The oils that your scalp creates naturally is actually good for your hair, in small amounts. Stripping it of this every time you wash your hair could lead to a dry scalp and hair that can easily break. Plus the more you wash your hair, the more your scalp is going to overcompensate for that, which means even greasier hair. The solution? Wash it every 2 days at least. This will give your scalp time to hydrate and absorb the natural oils it produces.


Some people overthink how to get healthy hair, but in reality, it all comes to down to the basics. Just keep it natural. The more you add, the more you wash, the more you do to it, is actually not all that great. But something you should also keep in mind is hydration. Use a conditioner and always try to keep your hair hydrated.